Thursday, 9 June 2011

The Mountains & The Trees

About a month ago, I was very lucky to have the chance to put on The Mountains & The Trees for an intimate gig in Southampton at Guava - formerly Hamptons.

Not only was the performance perfect and very gratefully received by the welcoming and silent crowd, but the weather was somewhere near perfect. It might seem odd to mention the weather for an indoor gig but as Guava has the windows behind the stage it adds to the atmosphere. On this particular May evening we had a thunder storm which just complimented the atmosphere created by Jon Janes (TMATT).

Since the gig his album has been played regularly by myself.

'Goodbye Little Town' is certainly a song which I can relate to and I think many people will be able to. The only video version I can find on Youtube is of a session...just need to wait 40 seconds, but then it's oh so good!

A song from the album that I am thoroughly enjoying at the moment is "Minimum Wage Lovers" possibly the best and most suitable student love song?

Enjoy x

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