Friday, 3 June 2011

Film Soundtracks

For me, a good film is made better by the sound track.

A few films that I have seen recently with great soundtracks are:

1: Away We Go - I watched this film on the basis that John Krasinski was in it, (seeing as I am a bit of an American Office geek...)

A featured artist in the Soundtrack is Alexi Murdoch, what a wonderful musical backdrop Alexi and his music add.

2: Garden State - A film I watched after hearing it had a good soundtrack and I was certainly not dissapointed.

Alexi Murdoch featured yet again as well as The Shins and Iron & Wines cover of Postal Service - "such great Heights". People who moan about covers annoy me. This is a great cover.

3: Once - such a cute film about a busker in Dublin. It's quite a sad yet warming ending somehow!? The soundtrack is from lead actor Glen Hansard's band 'The Frames'.

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