Saturday, 11 June 2011

Generation Music

When we look back at different era's of music, we associate each decade with a certain style of music. 50's was rock n roll, 70's was Punk etc. Was it the case back then that everyone liked the same genre of music and therefore dressed the same?

It seems whenever you talk to someone about their era of music from when they were young, that they are proud of it, proud to have been there when it was all happening.

The worrying thing for me is that what does our generation have to show for it in terms of music? As far as I can work out it completely varies from person to person but for me this era will be defined by dubstep. Dubstep seems to be the biggest thing music wise right now. I know plenty of people who totally dislike dubstep but it seems the majority do. Does this mean I will be associated with "The Dubstep Era"? I hope not!

Some people who I talk to about the music they listened to when they were growing up tell me that they weren't interested in that scene or that music and that they listened to other music. Yet when you read about that era all you hear is that people were all doing the same thing.

It certainly isn't the case in this era so I hope we don't all get labelled as part of "The Dubstep Generation"

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