Saturday, 6 March 2010

Some Gigs I have recently been to see.


So on my last post I promised I would review Jamie T and other gigs that I was attending. I also said I would have an interview with Cosmo Jarvis but unfortunately that had to be cancelled.

However, I did very recently get a chance to interview Lauren Pritchard who is a new signing to Island Records and that will be played on my radio show which you can catch this Tuesday at 6pm go to

Heres my reviews hope you enjoy.

Jamie T – Southampton Guildhall

What do you expect when you see Jamie T? It was lively, passionate and crazy! Bottles were constantly thrown to the stage I found myself in a very vulnerable position as I got hit by numerous bottles. The crowd were encouraged to throw more bottles during chaka demus and we saw a surge of bottles flying through the air towards the stage.

I was very impressed by the performance of songs of the first album with songs such as “Salvador” and “Operation” being performed at a much faster pace – something which Jamie said he liked to do to get the crowd moving. It certainly worked and maybe even too much as at the end there was a large fight between about 30 people. Nothing to serious just some over excited fans I guess!

Twin Atlantic – Southampton Joiners

Oh how I love a Scottish accent! These guys didn’t fail to impress. This was an exceptional gig with an extremely powerful performance from all. Twin Atlantic powered through some album tracks and the usual 14 year old mosh pits began. Songs like “Lightspeed” proving to be very popular amongst the crowd and it was plain to see that Twin Atlantic have a good following of fans down in Southampton as the crowd sang along word by word.

Sam announced that it was time for some new songs and im sure no-one really knew what to expect as a cello was brought on to stage. The guitarist carried on head banging whilst playing the cello and the impressive performance continued. By the end the crowd wanted more but there were no more songs left to play.

An exceptional performance from a band that I’m sure will be playing bigger and better things in years to come.

Errors – Southampton Joiners

There MySpace reads “4 guys without any spark of talent” however this is very far from the truth. They are 4 very talented Scots!

They kick off and the music reminds me of when I saw “Holy Fuck” supporting Foals in Bristol. No need for lyrics with this sound. Parts of the crowd started to dance straight away to the quirky guitar and electro keyboard sounds. From the new album “A Rumour in Africa” brought most of the crowd from head nodding and foot tapping to get lose and dance.

By the end of this gig the whole crowd were dancing around as the music grew on us all!

Definitely a band worth checking out and going to see if they are playing anywhere near you. I for one will definitely be returning to see them play again.



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