Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Album review

Jose Vanders – Literature Lovers

So I recently purchased an album called Literature Lovers by Jose Vanders, a young, up and coming singer songwriter with a voice which reminds me of Emmy the Great.

Literature Lovers is a beautiful album and the real stand out from it immediately is Jose’s voice. She posses’ an outstanding voice which she uses to express her lyrics and every song is sung with meaning. As well as having a great voice Jose plays the piano and creates a melancholic sound in songs such as “man on fire” which is one of my personal favourites from the album. The piano is also used to a lively manner in songs like “summer” and this creates a song that sticks in your head.

With the album “Literature Lovers” not only are you rewarded with beautiful songs, you also get the lovely album artwork. Each page holds photos from the past and present as well as lyrics to songs – in some cases hand written, this to me makes the album feel that much more personal.


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