Friday, 26 March 2010

Errors Review Published on Sonic South

Their MySpace reads "Four guys without any spark of talent", a very ironic title for four very talented musicians.

A smoke filled stage partly cleared to reveal the band circled around their instruments. The front man, so to speak, stood at the front of the group manning two keyboards in his geeky attire and addressds the crowd to thank them for coming down – pretty much the only time the band were heard speaking.

After kicking off with their song 'A Bridge or Cloud', which had an interesting introduction that included the guitarist 'humming' down his microphone, the crowd immediately livened up and the sheer talent of the 'Errors' became apparent. There was no need for lyrics and vocals with these guys as their unique electro sound juxtaposed with exciting edgy guitar riffs blasted into the crowd causing movement throughout.

Foals came to mind when listening to this band with its exceptionally wacky guitar sounds reminiscent of songs like 'Balloons'. The song 'A Rumour in Africa', from the new album was probably the stand out song and it brought most of the crowd to go from their lazy and casual head nodding and foot tapping to get lose and dance about in exaggerated movements. From young to old, front to back, wherever you looked people were moving about.

As a final treat for the crowd they played 'Salut France', a song which definitely holds more of an electro influence from the band. Similar to the work of Holy Fuck with its heavier synth sounds dragging out underneath the bouncy and snappy keyboard. They drew out the ending, ripping out the synth for as long possible and casually left the stage with the crowd wanting more.

Rating: 5/5

Review by Craig Thomas

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