Saturday, 10 December 2011

My first Coldplay experience

I feel I should start this post by saying that I am in no way a Coldplay 'fan' as it were, don't get me wrong I do like some of their music including the newest album 'Mylo Xyloto' but I definitely wouldn't describe myself as a fan.

This gig has probably done enough to realise that despite what many people might say, Coldplay are a great band. If you haven't seen them live then I would suggest doing so, before it's too late.

I have been to my fair share of gigs some big and some small but this one was the biggest and Coldplay didn't disappoint their fans. The media seem to have a frenzy on Chris Martin's unpredictable personality which leaves many people with a bad opinion of him but lets face it, the media are the cause of many controversies these days and will change a story any way they can to make it sell so who can blame for being a bit sceptical of the media (granted most of the time he doesn't help him self).

Not only was this my first time seeing Coldplay but it was also my first trip to the O2 arena which was just insanely big... Furthermore, whilst walking around the arena to get to our seats we noticed a stage for 'December Sessions' - a gig in a gig if you will.

More importantly, back to Coldplay. Upon entering the arena we were given a rather dubious wristband which would soon play a rather amazing role in the night. Coldplay emerged to an expectant crowd and as soon as the music began everyone's wristbands lit up, flashing in time with the music - a truly spectacular sight.

On stage, Coldplay were surprisingly lively and gave it their all in every song in a set which featured mostly classic songs so even the slightly neutrals would be won over. Not only did they perform the songs to perfection, but there was an amazing stage show to support. Giant balloons were release into the crowd and confetti launched into the air during 'In my Place' on more than one occasion.

Adding to the spectacle during 'Clocks' in the encore there was a fairly impressive laser show to keep the audience fixated on the stage.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the O2 and would like to thank Coldplay for putting on such a fantastic show!

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