Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Glastonbury - my Saturday


After taking a battering from the rain the day before I was overly relieved to wake up and get out of my tent to dry weather. After traipsing through the wet, soggy mud down to the pyramid stage Stornoway were the first band of the day. Having seen them play the year before at the Park I was quite intrigued to see them on the bigger stage. Keeping fully interacted with the crowd, Brian Briggs joked and told stories in between songs and the set was well received. Featuring a wide range of instruments they even made use of a piece of wood and a saw during “Here comes the blackout”. Leaving on the final song, I soon made my way up to the Acoustic stage to catch Benjamin Francis Leftwich, whose new album comes out in July. The wonderfully decorated acoustic stage proved a great backdrop for an intimate performance. “Pictures” and “Atlas Hands” being the two stand out songs.

During a rare break in my daily schedule, I decided to take a wander around the Circus fields to see some of the different things on offer from Glastonbury. There is certainly plenty to do; the only problem was, not having enough time to do it all. Next up was “Those Dancing Days”, this was a bit of a gamble as I was giving up seeing “The Gaslight Anthem” and am not too familiar with TTD but made my way to the park stage. I wasn’t disappointed with what I saw, energetic, synth-pop goodness provided by the five girls from Sweden. I decided to stick around to see Graham Coxon to see some aggressive punk-esc rock and roll, the crowd by this time increasingly growing in anticipation of the special guests coming up later on (which was to be Pulp).

The evening plan was set in stone, Horrors, Friendly Fires, Battles and to finish Wild Beasts. Having never seen The Horrors perform live before I was very excited to get the chance. Grungy and mucky the band entered the stage in front of a packed John Peel tent. Performing some new and old songs The Horrors were well received by the crowd who sang along throughout the set. Seemingly “Who Can Say” went down well.

Not able to stick around for the whole set I rushed off to Friendly Fires. Struggling to see a way through I settled for a spot near the back. Despite the distance from the band the atmosphere was still electric with everyone in sight dancing and singing along. New songs and old receiving the same response, Friendly Fires certainly seemed to be the highlight of many people’s day.

Battles showed off some exceptional musical talent during their set on John Peel, almost hypnotising the crowd with the pacey, energetic and emphatic drumming. The whole set seemed to blend into one as they left little gaps between each song.

Originally planning to see Wild Beasts, I decided to see something different and took up the chance to see Chemical Brothers. Not realising I knew half as many songs as I did, I was overwhelmed with the music and impressive visuals on show, the two combining to create a memorable headline performance. “Block rocking Beats”, the final song really emphasising the lights and wall of sound created.

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