Monday, 18 July 2011

Avi Buffalo - Thekla 11th July

Thekla has been known to be host to some great things over the years. Some big names have stopped through on their way up and this could potentially be one of those gigs.

With support from Tripwires – one of the coolest looking bands around and Admiral Fallow, who delivered catchy, bouncy flute and clarinet backed up with subtle Scottish vocals creating a similar sound to that of Frightened Rabbit, although softer.

Taking to the stage minus a set list, Avi Buffalo were almost making it up as they went along, treating the crowd as they played a mixture of new and old songs. Starting with new single ‘How Come’ we got a taste of the latest from the band. Constantly communicating with the crowd with his admirable sense of imagination Avi Zahner kept the entertainment up in between songs while he thought of what song to play next. Although hard to keep up with the names of the new songs they were certainly well received by the crowd as Avi Buffalo continued in a similar style to what we are now familiar with and although all good, from these new songs the particular stand out was ‘A Place To Be’.

As the performance went on lead man Avi’s movement increased in schizophrenia as he thrashed around on his guitar in a lively manner to almost every song, creating intense noises with his pedals at the end of most songs. One of the older songs from the first album, ‘What’s In It For?’ provided a sing-along moment for those in the crowd familiar with Avi’s work.

After a brief absence from the stage, we were treated to an “encore” if you like. Featuring two older songs, first of which ‘Summer Cum’, which saw Avi perform on his guitar by himself to then be joined by his band. The final song of the night, ‘Remember Last Time’ was truly special. Avi’s eyes stared forcefully through the faces of the audience as he moved around eccentrically and aggressively creating music that put many into a trance, as they fixated on the band.

Avi Buffalo’s performance was simply fantastic and was wonderfully supported by Admiral Fallow.

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