Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Stilje Nes - Crystals - Posted on www.southsonic.co.uk

A very peaceful and tranquil sounding new single from Stilje Nes, the singer-songwriter from Norway.

It seems there are many talented artists coming from Scandinavia lately and Stilje Nes joins that group. Her music is recorded in loops as she performs by using several different instruments. The combination of Stilje’s enchanting voice and her exquisite mix of instruments, including a looped viola, combine superbly to create a captivating and almost fairytale soundtrack.

Stilje has a voice comparable to the likes of Feist; however it holds a much more delicate feel, more comparable to the likes of Lisa Hannigan’s music.

Stilje also includes a twinkly musical backdrop and the soft gentle flow of the song as it flutters by you is complimented with each chorus as they merely add to the songs rhythm, instead of rocking it. Just as the song seems to be building into an upsurge of intensity it gradually ceases each instrument in time, halting as the song lapses out.

A pleasant new single from Stilje Nes, offering something to lose yourself in. Let the imagination take you where the music does.

Rating: 4/5

Review by Craig Thomas

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